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09 September 2008

Pain is Alone

I understand what true pain is
Waking up without soul
Existing forever, but always alone

I know where sorrow is born
In icy depths of mans empty heart
His spirit of love to tear apart

I see mistery in every face
Knowing no mercy, nor joy, nor peace
only death can bring them ease

I hear loathing in every word
Every breath a burning pain
Lies, deceit, and wraths distance

I feel hate inside mankind
Rotting filth, disease, decay
In their defense, nothing to say

I taste the rotting flesh of sin
Toxic putrescence, bitter and vile
Evil by nature, the mind of a child

I am the truth in all that you feel
My humanity stolen, compassion is gone
I am that which you know is wrong

I am in mistery and darkness complete
Knowing no other than that of may soul
Destined for solitude, I am always alone

G W Mainhood

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